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Death to graphics!

March 19, 2010

Quick thought from the Magic/Heat game last night…  Why does ESPN and TNT feel the need to clog our entire gigantic plasma televisions with shiny graphical backgrounds in the middle of game action? This is completely uncalled for and absolutely unacceptable.  The following is an actual conversation between a friend of mine and myself this morning, discussing the agony that these graphics caused us last night.  More importantly, the near loss that it almost caused the Magic.

Brian S [9:13 AM]:

These TNT graphics are truly out of control…

Scott W [9:16 AM]:

Well, what pissed me off was the picture in picture when they took up 70% of the screen w/a graphic

during the game

the worst was when they used the graphic of bosh, amare and somebody else photoshopped on the beach while the game was going on

Brian S [9:18 AM]:

Extreme concur.  Xconcur.

Scott W [9:19 AM]:

& at the end of the game when they spotlighted d-wade guarding vince and i couldn’t figure out who shot a corner 3

i got excited b/c i thought it was rashard, until marv albert said “barnes for 3”

then i got extremely pissed

& i was watching on a 50 inch tv in HD

Brian S  [9:21 AM]:

and then an airball

all from the graphic

Scott W [9:21 AM]:

YES! it was an airball!

jameer made it all better by ripping the rebound away though

Brian S[9:23 AM]:

bc he had a clear screen

Scott W  [9:23 AM]:

exactly, damn you TNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something must be done.  This is an outrage.  While these graphics are very shiny and I can’t say that I DON’T enjoy the random spinning/twirling shapes in the backgrounds, there IS a time and place for distracting ADD fans like myself.  It’s called in-game interviews with Craig Sager.

Death to graphics!

**Magic Pride**


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