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An Open Letter to Magic Nation

May 16, 2010

Dear Magic Nation,

I feel your pain.  I really do.  The Game 1 loss to Boston was an excruciatingly tough one considering the way we have played throughout the playoffs thus far and given our record over the last several months.  However, it’s time to step our game up.  No, not the players… the fans.  It will be well documented over the next 48 hours as to why the players need to step up and what they need to do.  The talking heads will talk about our lack of physical play… the questionable substitutions… The lack of heart and hustle.  The truth is though, that while the team played poorly tonight, so did the fans.

Hey Pauly D... Put your shirt on! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The sold out Amway Arena had an announced attendance tonight of 17,461.  I know there are a large percentage of hipster bandwagon Boston fans mixed into those numbers as well as the media, so let’s chop it down to 15,000.  15,000 Orlando Magic fans that did not stand on their feet in the 4th quarter until two minutes left in the game.  This is unacceptable.  The fans MUST show more energy from the time the whistle blows for the first tip to the first “Hack-a-Howard” non-whistle 3 minutes in.  We must make the referees fearful of making a call against us.  The “ref you suck” chants are dated and overplayed.  We need to make them FEAR us.  Get loud and get out of your seat.  Get back to your seats BEFORE halftime is over.  You don’t have enough time to socialize in Club Cambria and Club Blue? I’m pretty sure your gaudy button-down dress shirt will be seen by plenty of people at your faux after party at Dragon Room.  Just because you are holding a noisemaker in your hand and casually banging it, doesn’t prevent you from yelling.  These players need to hear you on their side!  Oklahoma City pushed the Lakers to the brink in the first round thanks solely to a ruckus home crowd that bought in (with a side of Durantula).  Free shirt give-away?  They wore it.  We don’t.  Team needed a boost?  They stood up and yelled.  We sit quietly and groan.  We can’t even get the lower bowl to put their FREE shirts on, let alone wear blue or white.  TO A MAGIC GAME.  Any attempt of a white/blue out has been given up by the Magic brass because they see how finicky our pathetic fan base is.  Worst of all, the rest of the nation’s only opinion of us at the moment stems from a Bill Simmons ESPN Page 2 column which basically called us Cougar City.  Is this really how we want to be identified? (Maybe)  [Side note:  If you can afford virtually courtside seats, mid-court the whole season… don’t eff-ing wear Gator attire and do the chomp during every TV timeout.  It’s embarrassing.  You aren’t Urban Meyer.  I can understand during the regular season if you want to mix up your clothes, but it’s the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!!! Put on some Magic gear!  This guy deserves a Matt Barnes punch to the face.]

Look at me! I once read about Boston in my school books! (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

15,000 strong need to be ready for Game 2.  I have no doubt in my mind that the performance we saw by the players tonight will be corrected and improved upon.  Although I have very little confidence that the fan base will make the same adjustments.  Join me in coming out loud and proud in Game 2.  Yell at the refs!  Jump out of your seat on every big play! Hell, if the game is within 15 in the 4th quarter, then stand the whole time!  This city needs us and we have no excuses not to give 110% effort from the fan perspective.  The team fought hard all season to earn the right that they now have to hold home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.  The road to the championship trophy literally runs through Orlando and the Amway Arena.  It’s time for us, as fans, to step up and do our part.  Come in Tuesday night and be rowdy.  I want to tune into the post game show and hear the national media not only  applaud the Magic’s comeback performance, but also commend the fans for truly making a difference.  We have the power Magic Nation, now turn it up.


The Guy in Front of You Who You Are Whining to the Ushers About


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