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Amway Center Tour: Photos, Pictures & Prints!

October 1, 2010

The Amway Center officially opened for the first time to the public today as Mayor Buddy Dyer and 50 others cut the ribbon and christened the new building.  After 47 political speeches took place, there was a private media tour of the entire facility.  Below are some photos I snapped.  Bottom line: this building is truly one of a kind.  I must have muttered “wow” at least 20 times.  Favorite place?  The Gentleman Jack Terrace.  GJT overlooks I-4 and Downtown and with the first hint of fall weather hitting today, it was simply gorgeous out on the terrace.  As soon as you get a chance, make sure you check out the building.  You won’t be disappointed.  Pictures to follow plus many more after the “jump”.

Giant scissors... never know when you are going to need them!

Inside the atrium

Fans filing into the Amway Center for the first time

JUMBOtron. Seriously, JUMBO.

Click “read more” below to see many many many more pictures.

First and last time in the Mercedes Benz Lounge

Mercedes Benz Lounge for the Richie McRicherson's

The centerpiece of the expansive and amazing art collection. Dwight da Vinci.

More artwork: 1995 Finals team

2009 Finals Team

Budweiser Baseline Bar

Part of the Magic History Center: Too soon in my opinion.

The Steal!

Magic Career Record holders

Best. Place. Ever.

Seating outside at the Gentleman Jack Terrace

More GJT

More of the historical Orlando vibe that is presented throughout the Arena

View from fine dining restaurant Jernigan's which overlooks the court.

Jernigan's chefs preparing the delicious samples

View from the roof where the $5 tickets are.

Mural on one of the walls from old Orange Grove postcards.

Inside Stuff's Magic Castle. For the lil' ones.

Some bad ass dude I saw and took a picture of.

Stuff's Magic Castle

Sky Bar. Very cool rooftop bar. Will be open even on off nights.

View from the TOP. Outside view from Sky Bar.

Swanky sky bar seating. #Alliteration

The building is just simply amazing. These pictures truly don’t do the building justice.  Check it out soon!

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