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Dwight Howard is tired of your stupid rumors; plus Sentinel hypocrisy

February 8, 2011

This is the closest Dwight will get to wearing a different uniform for a long time

In case you have missed it lately, a lot of speculation has been taking place from national columnists, as well as local, over the speculation that Dwight Howard will pull a LeBron/Melo/Shaq and up and leave Orlando when his contract is up in the Summer of 2012.  Dwight, understandably, is tired of hearing all of this and finally posted the following reply on Twitter to a fan who had been hounding him.

“I never said I wanted to leave stop reading the rumors. It’s really stupid. And annoying to be honest. They tryna make something outta nothing I have another yr under my contract before I can sign”

As soon as I saw  it last night it stood out as a strong statement.  Obviously many other read it because it started popping up all over the internets. 

The most fun post I read about it was from the Orlando Sentinel, which included the following quote:

Over the last couple of months, several media outlets, citing unnamed sources, have reported that Howard would be interested in going to a big market if things don’t work out in Orlando.

Ummm… Hey Sentinel… YOU are the ones that have been writing and fueling those rumors!  To be fair, the writer of that particular article has not been the one(s) pouring gasoline over a match.  However, it blows my mind that the Sentinel itself is not more careful with their image after still being blamed- almost 15 years later- for driving Shaq out of Orlando.  Whether that is true or not (it’s not), many fans of the team still DO believe that.  I understand it is the job of columnists to write eye-catching headlines and controversial pieces, but at what point are you biting the hand that feeds you?  Hypocrisy isn’t the best way to promote readership. 

Look, this isn’t a high horse rant against the Sentinel… Their beat writers do a great job reporting on the teams, but it get’s really old – and insulting-  reading the same ridiculous speculation day in and day out from columnists (national or local) just trying to get noticed. 

The main take away here is this: STOP wasting your time and energy reading and letting your mind wander to anything involving Dwight leaving.  He is here and will be here for a while.  Bottom story.

 UPDATE: Brian Schmitz of the Sentinel posted a reply to the post by Josh Robbins (both on the Magic BasketBlog) essentially proving my point.  While he admits that the Sentinel has posted similar comments about Dwight leaving, he then goes on to mock the (Twitter) grammar Dwight used and says to just say he’ll (Dwight) stay and everyone will shut up.  Really?  Would Brian commit to the Orlando Sentinel, two years early, for the rest of his career? Not knowing what management decisions the Tribune Company planned to make? I doubt it. Give it a rest.

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