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A quick statistical look at Dwight Howard’s technicals

March 5, 2011

Dwight Howard will most likely be facing a one game suspension on Monday night after his left elbow narrowly missed Kyle Korver’s face on Friday night.  He received his 16th official technical of the season and according to league rules, faces a one game suspension.

However, Magic fans should be somewhat thankful that the league looks at every technical foul to determine if it should stand or not.  The league has rescinded 4 of Dwight’s technical fouls already or else Dwight would be facing his THIRD one game suspension on Monday night. After the 16th technical, you receive a suspension for every 2 tech’s.

Don’t get your hopes up for another recension though, Dwight earned this one.  No matter how hard or often people are hacking at you, it’s no excuse to starting throwing ‘bows.

Let’s take a quick look at some stats:

  • The Magic are 10-10 when Dwight Howard receives a technical foul.  Obviously that is well below the regular season win percentage, but probably not a great measure of how much it a/effects a game.  15 of those 20 have come against teams with winning records (making it a tougher game) and 7 against elite teams (Miami, Boston x2, San Antonio x2, OKC and Chicago).
  • 9 of the tech’s have been called at home and 11 on the road. Hardly a road bias.
  • Dwight is averaging 22.9 PPG and 13 RPG in games he receives a tech.  His season average right now is 23.1 and 13.9.  It doesn’t appear on a surface level that the T’s are changing his ability to control the game.
  • 14 of the tech’s occurred in the first 2 months of the season. He has only received 6 in the last two months. That stat deserves credit.  Another factor in that could also be the refs becoming less strict as the season has continued.  It’s probably safe to say that it’s a combination.

Regardless of what the stats say, Dwight ultimately needs to play with a little more constraint.  However, not to the point where it takes away his aggression.  It’s easy from the outside to tell a player to calm down, but once you are the one getting an elbow thrust into your back on every possession it becomes a little harder.

The real key will be for Dwight to stay on the floor.  As long as he can go 19 more games without causing damage to the playoff seeding, I wouldn’t worry too much.

As always, you can keep track of Dwight’s tech’s on the Dwight Tech Watch.

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