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Dwight Howard digs deep and finds a way to overpower Kwame Brown

April 1, 2011

THIS guy was in charge of guarding Dwight Howard tonight. Who do you think had a better game?

Any positive that could be taken from tonight’s victory can easily and immediately be negated by the fact that the Magic played the Charlotte Bobcats.  A Bobcat team that was missing it’s best player in Stephen Jackson and started 5 guys that should probably never start in the NBA.

In the battle of former number one overall pick’s Dwight Howard performed slightly better than Kwame Brown. Dwight finished with 26 points and 14 rebounds while Kwame countered with 6 points and 10 rebounds.  To be fair, Kwame out-fouled Dwight 4-0.

The only thing to take from the game tonight is that it’s over and we are one more day closer to the playoffs.

BONUS CONTENT: The Onion’s satirical take on Kwame Brown’s “Truly Disgusting Career“.

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