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Stan Van Gundy won’t limit Dwight Howard’s minutes heading into the playoffs

April 10, 2011

Dwight Howard will play zero minutes tonight, that’s a fact.  After being suspended for today’s Bulls game due to receiving his 18th technical foul, there was some question as to whether the Magic would give Dwight additional rest as the dinged up Magic head into the playoffs.

Well if you bought tickets to see the Magic play in Philly tomorrow night or at home on Wednesday, you’re in luck because Dwight Howard will indeed be playing a full game.

I asked Stan Van Gundy if Dwight would play limited minutes in the two games after today and he said that he had no plans to do so whatsoever. He further added that “Dwight has had 3 of the last 4 days off (Thursday and Friday off, practice Saturday and suspended today), so no.”

It comes as little surprise that Stan doesn’t want to give his workhorse big man a break considering that everything Orlando does on both offense and defense revolves around Dwight.  With Howard out of the game, the team not only loses it’s rythym…it also learns nothing heading into the playoffs.

Bottom line: Expect at least 35+ minutes from Dwight Howard on Monday and Wednesday night.

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