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The Magic’s season ends with a clank. Hawks advance, Magic go home.

April 28, 2011

Jamal Crawford hit the big shots that J.J. Redick could not.

Magic fans are rightfully angry, upset and confused right now. Their beloved Orlando Magic just lost a series against virtually the same Atlanta Hawks team that they swept just a season earlier.  In the end though, Atlanta deserved this series and displayed a toughness level that the Magic just flat out didn’t have an answer for.

It’s easy to point your fingers at a lot of things that went wrong for Orlando in the series, and everyone and their mother will do so in the next day or two, but for every Hedo brick, Dwight technical foul, missed/bad foul calls there were Joe Johnson runners, Jamal Crawford 4/5 point plays or well timed Pachulia flops.

The Orlando media and Magic fans have all off-season to nickel and dime every decision that was made this season.  You will read so much hatred for Otis Smith, Hedo Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas that it won’t even phase you any longer.

For tonight, just give credit where credit is due and congratulate the Hawks (don’t include Josh Smith). As much as it pains me to say it, they deserved it.

Atlanta 4 – Orlando 2. Season over. Goodnight.

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  1. David Polega permalink
    April 29, 2011 12:27 AM

    People are going to gripe about Otis.

    And they are right.

    The trade chips we had(Gortat, Carter, MP, Lewis)

    Could have netted us any of the following players:
    Gerald Wallace, Aaron Brooks, Courtney Lee, Kirk Heinrich, Coulda just kept Gortat

    Instead we got Richardson, Arenas, and Turkoglu.

    We had more to trade as well, Bass, anderson, Meer, Qrich. But still all we got in an all in move was turkoglu, arenas and jason richardson.

    Aaron Brooks, JJ Reddick, Gerald Wallace, Bass/anderson, HOward

    That should have been our starting 5, more importantly it could have been as wallace and aaron brooks were moved for less than the assets we would have been giving up. That team would stand defensively toe to toe with any team, would probably still have MP and Qrich come off the bench as defensive stoppers and mp as a spark plug back up 2. At the 3 wallace is backed up by Qrich, both defensively as good as you can hope for. At the 1 Nelson backs up Aaron brooks because Aaron brooks is a defensive locked down guy in addition for his talent on the offensive end and ability to create- Jameer comes off the bench to QB the offense while brooks rests.

    At the 4 Keep the bass/anderson combo. They’re both good individual defenders who on a team built defense first would be more than enough defensively at their position. When bass is on the floor he should be used as a relief valve after all other otpions have exhausted offensively, let bass shoot his stupid 40% jumper he shoots everytime he touches its. When Anderson is in the Offense can pick and roll with brooks/Howard as he can keep his man clear of the room that combo would need to work.

    At the 5 you have Howard. No he can’t play all the minutes all season. Yes he can in the playoffs. The great thing about the team constructed above is that Howard would need to be making up for his team’s defensive inadequacies while also giving up nothing offensively to the team currently constructed- in Many Many ways its alot better.

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