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Dwight Howard was just traded to the L.A. Lakers. I think…?

May 9, 2011

In case you haven’t heard by now, Dwight Howard is apparently being traded to the Lakers.  Just ask Magic Johnson, Michael Wilbon, Talk Radio and any other talking head that was put into a spotlight this weekend to discuss the Lakers loss.  They honestly believe it.

Just pick up the phone, Mitch Kupchak.  That’s all it takes. Otis Smith will surely just say yes.  Come on Mitch… Don’t you know that Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum/Lamar Odom/Shannon Brown/Joe Smith were ALL mentored by Otis since the day they came into the league? Mitch, buddy, EVERYONE knows that. Pick up the phone and make the deal.

Trade rumors are always funny to me in that even seasoned, veteran reporters (Wilbon and Bucher) still just refuse to acknowledge that trades require two willing parties to agree. Not to mention the most important piece of all, a Dwight Howard agreement.

Dwight has given ZERO indication to anyone in the media that he has a desire to leave. In fact, he has said over and over and over again that he is happy in Orlando and shown an increased annoyance at anyone that continues to press on him that “he is leaving”.  LeBron and Carmelo did not.

The world (outside of Orlando) seems to want to make Dwight Howard into Shaq/Carmelo/LeBron more than anything.  I’m not naïve to their argument, I get it. I just understand that every player has a unique personality combined with unique perspectives.  And, AGAIN, there is that minor little detail about a trade requiring two teams to make a deal.

The important thing here is for Orlando fans to relax. The Lakers loss is a big deal to most of the NBA world and it’s somewhat understandable that people want to replace their problems, with a superstar.  It doesn’t matter if it eludes all rational thought.

Under his current contract, Dwight becomes a free agent in 2012-2013.  Of course the speculation here is that Dwight will use his Early Termination Option to become a free agent in the summer of 2012. Which isn’t a guarantee if the new CBA is drastically different.

The bottom line is a young 25 year old man named Dwight Howard has a complex, life altering, decision to make.  There are a lot of variables involved in Dwight’s decision and in how the Magic handle it (player options, collective bargaining agreements, trade rules, salaries, players involved, etc.).  The decision point is about a year away, but the trade talk will be constant until a) Dwight re-signs, or b) Dwight is traded.  Let’s give him some time to think about this life altering decision and most importantly, let’s give LIFE some time to play out.

And while we’re waiting, repeat after me: Dwight Howard is not leaving Orlando. Dwight Howard is not leaving Orlando. Dwight Howard is not leaving Orlando.

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