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VIDEO: Gilbert Arenas boxing workout, potential number change and return to Twitter

June 1, 2011

Could Gilbert Arenas be switching back to his former alter ego of Agent Zero? He posted the following video via new Twitter account, @agentzeroshow. Notice that he is wearing ZERO in the video and it’s obviously in the newly created Twitter account.  His love and tribute to Penny Hardaway is clearly ending.

When he first came to Orlando he told me that he would probably never get back on twitter because he always got himself into trouble and that people couldn’t separate the Gilbert Arenas entertainer from the real him. That people didn’t understand that his public personality is different than his private life.  With all that being said, he is clearly back to putting himself out there and there is no doubt that comedy will ensue. Stay tuned to the @agentzeroshow while it lasts.

Make sure to watch all of the video to hear some jabs at Stan and his playing time. Also starring in the video are Patrick Ewing Jr, Head Magic Trainer Keon Weise (sans sweater vest… probably some sort of Jim Tressel statement) and Strength Coach Joe Rogowski.

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