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Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas Team Up to Plank Orlando – Until Gil Goes Rogue!

June 29, 2011

You can’t leave Twitter for more than an hour without coming back to see that Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas are planning a plank of Cinderella’s Castle or some other concocted craziness.  Last night Gil and Dwight teamed up to raid the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Downtown Orlando.  The following pictures are what came of it… and then the final picture is Gil getting his Sarah Palin on and going after Dwight after he turned his back.

i.e. Gil planked Dwight’s Porsche

Gilbert Arenas planks a toll booth.

Gilbert and Dwight with the Team Plank

Gilbert Charles

Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard in "Double Decker"

Gilbert Arenas Goes Rogue on Dwight Howard

Expect more to come…

Past pictures from “Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas’ PlankMania”:

Dwight Howard has Become MotherPlankin Obsessed with Plankin

Dwight Howard Teaches Gilbert Arenas How to Plank. It’s a Plank Off!

Gilbert Arenas Planking in the Weight Room

Gilbert Arenas Plank-Fest

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